Motion | Phoebe Mahoney | Cherry red sheepskin coat and Cargo trousers with contrast curved binding detail.
Germination | Georgie Ringrose
South Norwood London’s Lake District | Jacqueline Mulvaney | London's Lake District
Release - Inner Craze | Lana Roche
Reflections of architecture | Erica Ciuffreda | Black, Grey and White issue covers.
Parfumerie | Navya Saneja
Simone Rocha SS22 Campaign | Chloé  Mariani
No Time To Die | Andrea Aletto
Dariasirene // Live Performance at Area 51 | Daria Greth
Re-Transmission: Hungarian Folk Music in 2022 | Csilla Jakab
Queen & Aim | Arran Ashan | Queen & Aim
Growing Roots | Katarína Čačíková | In a Cocoon, ink jet print, 40x40cm.
Interconnection | Sonia Rendell
On Movement | Wai-Lin Man
Human Society Sustainability | HAEMIN RHA
A Beautiful Truth | - | A Beautiful Truth
Izzy Gorman's Final Major Project | Isobel Gorman | Performance
Time is Money | Louis  Clarke
Vortex | Isabel Ailie White
Arrebentas | Eduardo  Moreira | AI Creature in collaboration with Christina Anagnostou
A Viable Loop | Beth Theobald | A Viable Loop
Cocoon | Lucy Higgens
On the docks | Matthew Aspland
I Get it From My Grandad | Ellesha Harris  | Details of tailored trousers with vintage adjuster
Mycelium Anomaly | Elise George | Mycelium Anomaly
Memphis on My mind | Laura Alvita | Illustrations from the final collection project.
ARCHETYPE | Anna  Roggenhofer
What is the Social? | Yi Lin  Eng
Pillow Feathers and Dust | Tessa Browne
Duplicity | Patricija  Regesaite
Away With The Fae | Madeleine Daisy Borman | Final Collection photoshoot
Goosebumps | Eleanor O’Hare | Draped raw silk corset chain dress, with hand embellished pocket bags using glass beads.
You Are What You Eat | Lucy Whiteley |  Gloss Acrylic Glass, 100x140cm
(A)MORtE | Matilde Merli
Ryan Billing | Ryan Billing
Bridges | Adam Wilson | ‘Bridges’
Shadows of Photography | Lisa Hanes
Freedom Body | - | Freedom Body
Under The Same Sky End of Year Exhibition | Group Exhibition and Branding | Exhibition poster design by Louis Clarke, logo by Esha Wadhwani
Neither Here Nor There (Artist Book) | Angela Crosti
It’s What's Inside That Counts... So I’m Going Outside | Phoebe Love
Prologue to a Tango | Gyorgy Englert
Innate | Thalia Sanchez
SZERELEM | Emma Istvánffy
The End of Our Journey | Kan Chung Yu | The End of Our Journey
Book jacket sets | David Alexander Thomas
Intoxicating the World | Esha Wadhwani | Series of collages that feature images from the London smog, factories in London and the change in infrastructure over the years due to climate change
Sacred Geometry  | Kyra Sullivan
Small Talks | - | Main Image
Erosion | B Productions | Erosion Sand Sculpture
Giants Among Men | Sarah  Dowle
I Am Here in My Mould | Cody Aker | Graduate Collection Campaign
Godspeed | Grace Kwon
Commercial Wildlife Printmaking  | David Alexander Thomas
 Catching Wind | Yani Bridge | Women’s Look 1
So Close When You Look Away | Ruize Hong
In Your Hands... | Mehira Mohammed | Exhibition: Final Piece
See You Soon | Ameesha Jeyam
Just a Silver Lining | Syrie  Tordoff
Red Moon | Emanuela Vasilevska
I Got Flows | Ritchie Johns
Mortals | Ayesha Reeves
Undefined Situation | Adya Nevatia
Sobreteixims | Melissa Hewgill
Thoughts Consume | Sahar Bhatti
The World You Lost | Dajeong  Han
Good Different | Alice Siniscalchi
False Awakenings | Joshua Ajudua | False Awakenings
Slime's Rhapsody | Slime's Rhapsody
Tour of Tomorrow | Olivia Dent
Multi Planes | Maya Magnay
Dissociation | - | Dissociation
The Art of Waking Up | - | The Art of Waking Up
Distant Home | Boe Kee Tse
Film Junction | - | Film Junction Website
The World of My Own | Jiao Xie


It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to this online showcase of our final year students’ annual degree work. It is a space in which we celebrate and present the expressive results of many months of creative thinking and hard work. It is a joyous space, in which you will encounter astounding, intriguing, challenging examples of student work across the full range of arts, media, communication and creative practice that we are privileged to offer at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus.

Like others across the UK and globally, our students have completed their years of programme study under extremely challenging circumstances. They have shown determination, perseverance and an immense creativity and passion along the way. We are pleased to share the results of their final year work in this online space as way of enabling wider public appreciation of the richness of ideas and talent we see daily within our classrooms and studio spaces.

Our students are special to us, because we know they have the ability to change the world through their creative endeavours, and through powerful application of the industry led knowledge they have gained during their time with us. The work on display here illustrates how committed they are to being the problem solvers, the artists, the performers, the musicians, the designers and the thinkers who will engage with, interpret and shape our cultural heritage with passion, energy and ability. We are much the richer for it, and it has been a privilege for us at Westminster to have played a part in supporting them to this point in their life’s journey.

Westminster prides itself on its commitment to arts based and professionally orientated learning. We are also an institution attuned to our location, one that seeks to nurture a sense of creative engagement amongst our students through practice-based reflection, and through place-based cultural and arts driven work of the highest calibre. You will find these themes reflected in the work presented on this site. We invite you to celebrate and partake fully of the rich tapestry of ideas and art forms featured here. It is a space bursting with talent.

Professor David Finkelstein
Interim Head of School, Westminster School of Arts